Thank you for considering donating to the IACA. The projects that the IACA’s serves are very much driven by IACA’s members and donors’ contributions. Your donations are turned into salaries for the Doctors and Nurses who participate in our Palliative care centers, they have helped sustain our Traveling Fellows program and have helped aid pediatric oncology help centers like CanKids…KidsCan.

CanKids… KidsCan

CanKids…KidsCan is a not for profit dedicated to Change for Childhood Cancer in India. It is the only organization in India that works on all aspects that will drive this change – from support services for families of children with cancer (age 0-21), to awareness, advocacy, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, quality care, research and impact. CanKids’ vision is to enable global standards of survival, between 70-95%, for childhood cancer in India and to ensure that no child should suffer for want of cancer treatment due to lack of finance.

Set up in January 2004 in Delhi under the umbrella of Indian Cancer Society, Delhi Branch. In June 2012, it spun off and registered as an independent National Society. Today CanKids works in over 42 cancer centers in 17 cities and 13 States which treat more than 4,500 new cases of childhood cancer each year. This represents around 60% of the total new cases of childhood cancer that we estimate; even make it to a cancer center​. In its 11 years, over 16,606 families have been registered under its YANA –You are Not Alone – signature program that aims to provide holistic support to the child with cancer and his family, from moment of detection, through diagnosis, treatment and after.

The Indo-American Cancer Association’s partnership with the CanKids Adopt-a-Child program creates opportunities for individuals to make donations which translate into aid for a child in need of cancer treatment.


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 All contributions are tax deductible, the fullest extent as allowed by IRS.


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