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Testimonials from 2016 Fellows

Trainees TIPS – Pallium India


Dr. Nandini A Nair

Medical Officer, CHC Kattakada, Trivandrum

IACA-TIPS course was very informative and useful. The idea of palliative care for me has completely changed after joining to this course. The course has completely changed my approach towards patients with pain. Surely I can say this course was a turning point in my profession.


Lydia Mao

Nurse – Snehaanchal Palliative Care Center, Nagpur

I am very grateful to IACA, for giving me this opportunity to be part of this six-week course and also for granting me the scholarship. This course has enhanced me with ample information on palliative care and infused me with self-confidence to deal appropriately with the cancer patients who come with unbearable pain in our center of palliative and hospice care.

This course has helped me to differentiate various types of pain the patients suffer with and thus cater to the needs of the suffering patients applying the medicine ladder steps. This course has enabled me to understand the physical-psycho-social and spiritual areas of the patients where they need timely intervention and proper counseling.

This course has also helped me to understand the importance of teamwork. I am deeply indebted to my teammates who were a source of strength and storehouse of knowledge and information. Through the group discussions, a lot of information was shared particularly in understanding and achieving pain management of patients.

On this occasion, I would like to request and encourage the aspiring and in-service medical practitioners to take the opportunity of not missing this course. This course will definitely be a guiding force in understanding and serving the patients who suffer from unending pain and thus providing them with strength and support. Let us be a beacon of hope and comfort.


Dr. Owais Ahmad Zargar

Medical Officer Pain & Palliative Care, SKIMS Soura, Srinagar

IACA-TIPS are putting their best efforts to provide basic education to palliative care professionals in particular and other medical professionals in general. In this world of hi-tech technology where more emphasis is put on diagnosis and treatment of disease and barely anything is done for patients with incurable diseases. Palliative care is a ray of hope for such patients and their families. IACA is doing a great job by supporting medical professionals in India for upliftment of palliative care at their particular places and I hope they will keep on improving. Best of luck and thanks a lot.



Testimonials from 2015 Fellows


Classroom session at GCRI


Dr. S. Srikanth MBBS MD {Community Medicine}

Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine,

Sri Venkateshwaraa Medical College Hospital & Research Centre

Ariyur, Puducherry

I have completed the six weeks (6.4.15 – 16.5.15) Certificate Course in Pain and Palliative Medicine (CCPPM) at Pallium – Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS). The course included Theory classes, Postings in Outpatient / Inpatient Departments of TIPS & Government Medical College Hospital in Trivandrum and Home Care programs (Field visits). The classes were handled by experienced faculty from within and outside India. Most of these sessions were didactic and some included demonstrations and role plays. I found home based care programs useful, as each participant was asked to present and discuss the problems (medical/social / psychological) and issues related to the patients he/she had seen during the home visits. In bed side teaching, we learned about management of common symptoms of cancer patients such as pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting, fungating ulcers etc. It was interesting to observe and learn the morphine dose titration trial for a few patients. We had to submit assignments periodically and present articles in journal club sessions. The environment was conducive to learn. There were the adequate number of patients for learning about palliative care for all the participants of this course. Apart from the care of cancer patients, we also witnessed the care of paraplegia/quadriplegia/ hemiplegia and motor neuron disease patients.

The participants were provided with good course materials – one was a book by Robert Twycross. Our evaluation at the end of six weeks consisted of theory (Spotters / MCQs/ Short notes) and practical exams (Viva). This six weeks period was my first exposure to palliative care. I observed the importance of multidisciplinary TEAM ( Doctor / Nurse / Social Worker / Physiatrist / Physiotherapist / Volunteer ) concept in approaching patients needing palliative care. At the end of the course, I felt comfortable that I would be able to assess and manage symptoms of such patients. I am grateful and extend my sincere thanks to IACA for giving me this opportunity to learn about palliative care.


Dr. Kumar Abhishek


Palliative care physician (Cankids…kidscan) and Advocacy Officer (Pallium India)

I am very happy and thankful to the Indo-American cancer association (IACA) for providing me the scholarship and giving me the opportunity to attend the six weeks certificate course in pain and palliative medicine at Trivandrum Kerala. The course is well organized and nicely structured to give a thorough knowledge of pain and palliative medicine in a short duration of time. The faculty members are very good. Thus constant input and interaction with them helped in clearing doubts on many important topics like pain management, palliative care emergencies, and medical ethics.The assignments of IACA were quite detailed and helped me in understanding the topics in more depth after its completion. Overall I have learned all practical and theoretical aspects of palliative care from the course which will eventually help me in my palliative care approach towards the patients requiring it.


Dr. Pritesh Patel

Tutor in Department Of Radiotherapy

MP Shah Govt Medical College, Jamnagar, Gujarat.

I am very happy to get opportunity to attend Certificate Course in Pain and Palliative Medicine at GCRI, Ahmedabad. Course is well organized. All aspects of learning were well scheduled in 6 weeks. Timings were well maintained. Faculty members were very good at teaching every topics and clinical aspects, also good in communication and solving queries.Constant input and interaction with IACA team helped in clearing doubts on important topics like Morphine & NDPS Act, Emergencies in Palliative Care & Communication skills. Overall I have learnt all practical aspects of Palliative Care from course that will help me to improve personally and to develop my center for providing Palliative Care services.

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