IACA Rising Star Award in Hematology, 2017

Dear Friends,

I am honored to announce that this year’s recipient of IACA’s Rising Star Award in Hematology is Dr. Naval Daver.

Dr. Naval Daver completed his fellowship and joined the UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Leukemia Department in 2011 as an Assistant Professor. His primary areas of interest are AML and MPNs. He is currently PI on 12 ongoing clinical trials (7 of these are investigator initiated studies) and Co-PI on >15 trials in the Department of Leukemia. These trials focus on developing a personalized therapy approach by targeting specific mutations or antigens expressed by patients with AML and myelofibrosis, identifying novel combinations of these targeted and novel cytotoxic agents, and overcoming mechanism of resistance. On a translational level, Dr. Daver’s research focuses on the resistance mechanisms that are at work in various therapies with the objective that they can tailor therapy for the individual patient and develop combination therapies to improve efficacy of single agents. Dr. Daver has published 97 peer-reviewed manuscripts, including 30 first author publications in the last 4.5 years mainly focusing on molecular and combination therapy strategies in AML and MPNs. The role of immune therapies including checkpoint therapies, vaccines, CAR-T cell therapies in AML remain poorly defined. Dr. Daver and his colleagues have developed one of the largest immunotherapy for hematologic malignancies programs in the country with 12 checkpoint inhibitor trials, DC vaccine trials, and is leading this program with Dr. Kantarjian in the Department of Leukemia at MDACC.

Past recipients of IACA’s Rising Star Award in Hematology include Dr. Mrinal Patnaik and Dr. Nitin Jain. We hope you will join us this year to honor Dr. Naval Daver and take part in hearing his incredible story.

Dr. Swaminathan P. Iyer
Houston Methodist Hospital
President, IACA

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